Streamlining File Updates

As our catalog continues to grow with an ever-increasing number of files, maintaining their up-to-date status has become quite a challenge. We understand that this can sometimes lead to a less-than-ideal customer experience, and we’re committed to improving it.

To address this issue, we’re excited to tell you about our feature: the “REQUEST UPDATED VERSION” button, now available on all our products!

With this feature, you can easily request updated versions of the files you need. Here’s how it works: when you click the button, the selected file is added to a list where you can accumulate additional products. You can keep adding files to this list until you’re ready to submit your update request. This means you can efficiently request updates for multiple files all at once, saving you time and effort.

This enhancement is designed to expedite the delivery of essential updates to you, our valued customers. Your feedback and requests are invaluable to us, and this new feature will help us ensure you receive the most-needed updates promptly!

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