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Typical Response Time: 24-48hrs if not earlier

  • Technical Assistance: Screenshots are required. We do not offer specific technical support for individual products. Our support is focused on general guidance and recommendations related to plugin and theme installation and activation.
  • License Keys: We do not supply license keys. All of our products are fully operational without the need for a license key. If a key is needed, kindly purchase it directly from the respective author.
  • File Updates: For requests related to file updates to newer versions, please refrain from opening support tickets. Instead, use the designated “Request Updated Version” form located on each product page. Find out more on managing file updates here.
  • New Theme/Plugin Requests (Low priority / Product URL Required): We welcome valuable suggestions to enhance our community and member experience. We consider cost, reviews, demand, and licensing. Please note, these requests are handled with low priority as we focus on critical support and current catalog maintenance.
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  • Pro Membership Pricing Changes: Adapting to market changes. Read More

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