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Typical Response Time: 24-48hrs if not earlier

  • Technical Support: We do not provide any technical support regarding any product. We only provide general support and suggestions related to the installation/activation of plugins and themes.
  • License Keys: We do not provide any license keys.
  • File Update Requests: Please do not create tickets for updating a file to a newer version; there is a separate “Request Updated Version” form available on each product page.
  • New Product Requests: we welcome them however:
    • understand that they are not guaranteed to be added to our library.
    • we do not typically reply to these requests unless they are able to be added
    • we take many factors into account when deciding to add a new file to our catalog, such as:
      • retail cost (anything below $20-$25 USD we would not typically add)
      • request frequency/demand
      • resource requirements: we need to make sure it’s worth our time and bandwidth to maintain

Feel free to check our Frequently Asked Questions as your question may or may not already be answered.

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