A little about Theme Canal: Why We’re Here

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Channel Marketing
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Theme Canal offers a new take on premium WordPress. We offer you the ability to just buy the code you want, from your favourite authors, without being forced to pay for support. Buy WooCommerce Extensions, Premium Plugins, and Themes at huge discounts.


What’s the story behind Theme Canal?; As WooCommerce shop owners we’ve often longed for an alternative solution to their offerings, while the vanilla install of WooCommerce provides basic functionality to get up and running, once you’ve committed to the platform it becomes quite apparent additional functionality is required – and that comes with an unexpected price tag.

WooCommerce has consistently changed pricing structures, licensing length and support offerings, always in their favour. It can now cost around $1500 to get a fully functional WooCommerce store up and running and then $750 a year to keep it updated!

We felt this had to change…  No one came to help, so we started Theme Canal. We hand pick plugin, themes and WooCommerce extensions and sell them all to you from only $15/month, including upgrades, cancel any time. Want to buy individual items? No problem, products start from just $5!

In short; we offer the same premium products you’d get from WooCommerce and others but without offering support, license keys or automatic updates; enabling us to charge considerably less.

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