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Mikel Menard
Production & Developement
Coffee fanatic. Certified music lover. Subtly charming internet practitioner. Web aficionado. Hardcore zombie expert. Future teen idol.
Samm Lola
Channel Marketing
Reader. Tv buff. Problem solver. Pop culture aficionado. Avid travel nerd.

Introducing Theme Canal, a pioneering solution in the world of premium WordPress offerings since our inception in 2014. We’ve consistently been at the forefront of providing an innovative approach to WordPress by empowering you to acquire specific code from your favorite authors, all without the obligation of cumbersome support fees. Explore our extensive selection of WooCommerce Extensions, Premium Plugins, and Themes, all available at remarkable discounts.

But what prompted the birth of Theme Canal in 2014? As WooCommerce shop owners ourselves, we encountered the need for an alternative to the traditional options. While a vanilla WooCommerce installation provides the basic foundation for launching your online store, it quickly becomes evident that additional functionality is essential, often accompanied by unexpected costs.

WooCommerce has historically altered its pricing structures, license durations, and support packages, frequently leaning in their favor. Setting up a fully functional WooCommerce store can now incur an initial investment of approximately $1500, with an annual cost of $750 for maintenance.

Recognizing the need for a change, we took matters into our own hands and founded Theme Canal back in 2014. Our dynamic team is comprised of dedicated individuals. Mikel, who essentially handles the “grunt work” around here, meticulously curates our vast selection of plugins, themes, and WooCommerce extensions. This ensures that you have access to the most valuable and sought-after digital assets.

On the other hand, Samm, our creative marketing maestro, takes care of the fun and engaging marketing decisions, ensuring that Theme Canal remains not just a practical solution but also a delightful experience for our valued customers.

Over the years, we have diligently worked to create a platform that offers you the best of both worlds – premium products starting at just $8, while retaining the option for comprehensive packages at $20 per month. This comprehensive package includes regular upgrades and flexible cancellation options.

In essence, we provide you with access to the same premium products you’d find on WooCommerce and other platforms, minus the bundled support, license keys, or automatic updates. This approach allows us to extend substantial savings your way, all while maintaining our commitment to quality and affordability since our establishment in 2014.

We extend a warm welcome to you, our valued visitor. Whether you’re here to explore our extensive collection of WordPress resources or seeking an affordable and flexible solution for your online store, Theme Canal is here to serve your needs.

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