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wpDiscuz Addons Basic Bundle

wpDiscuz is a revolutionary perspective on the commenting world! These plugins change your websites discussion experience and provides you with new user engagement features. It’s totally improved with brand new innovative features bringing live to your website.

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A little more about wpDiscuz Addons Basic Bundle


wpDiscuz Addons Basic Bundle: Elevate Your WordPress Commenting Experience

Enhance your WordPress website’s commenting system with the wpDiscuz Addons Basic Bundle, a comprehensive set of addons designed to supercharge your commenting features. Elevate user engagement and interaction with a range of features that empower you to create a vibrant commenting community:

💬 Threaded Commenting: Encourage in-depth discussions and replies with threaded comments that make conversations more interactive.

🔍 Real-Time Notifications: Keep users engaged with instant notifications for new replies, ensuring they don’t miss any updates.

📊 Comment Sorting: Offer flexibility to your audience by enabling comment sorting options, enhancing user experience.

🔐 Anti-Spam Protection: Protect your website from spam with powerful anti-spam features, providing a clean and safe commenting environment.

🌐 Social Media Login: Simplify the user registration process with social media login options, increasing participation.

🎯 Comment Rating and Flagging: Empower your community to express their opinions through comment ratings and flagging for inappropriate content.

Included Addons:

🔸 wpDiscuz Widgets: Features widgets like Most voted comments, Active comment threads, Most commented posts, and Active comment authors to display the most relevant and popular comments and posts in your community.

🔸 wpDiscuz Emoticons: Add a delightful range of emoticons to your comments, enriching the user experience and encouraging expressions of emotions.

🔸 wpDiscuz Media Uploader: Extend your comment attachment system to allow users to upload images, videos, audios, and other file types, making discussions more multimedia-rich.

🔸 wpDiscuz Comment Search: Implement an AJAX-powered front-end comment search feature that provides instant search results as users type in their search terms.

🔸 wpDiscuz Report and Flagging: Empower your community to moderate comments through a comment reporting tool, allowing auto-moderation based on the number of flags and dislikes.

🔸 wpDiscuz Frontend Moderation: Administer comments with ease using an all-in-one, powerful yet simple toolkit for front-end comment moderation.

🔸 wpDiscuz Private Comments: Create private comment threads and manage them efficiently through dashboard controls based on user roles.

🔸 wpDiscuz Online Users: Monitor real-time online users, send pop-up notifications of new online users, and distinguish users with online/offline badges.

🔸 wpDiscuz Subscription Manager: Exercise complete control over comment subscriptions, with features for monitoring, managing, filtering, unsubscribing, and confirming subscriptions.

🔸 wpDiscuz Comment Author Info: Provide extended information about comment authors with Profile, Activity, Votes, and Subscriptions Tabs on a pop-up window.

🔸 wpDiscuz User & Comment Mentioning: Allow users to mention comments and users in comment text using #comment-id and @username tags, fostering more engaging discussions.

🔸 wpDiscuz – myCRED Integration: Integrate myCRED Badges and Ranks, converting wpDiscuz comment votes/likes into myCRED points for gamification.

🔸 wpDiscuz – Google reCAPTCHA: Implement Google reCAPTCHA on comment forms to prevent spam and bot comments effectively.

🔸 wpDiscuz Advanced Likers: Enable users to see comment likers and voters of each comment, adding user reputation and badges based on received likes.

🔸 wpDiscuz Ads Manager: Utilize a comprehensive tool-kit for advertising in the comment section of your website, allowing separate banner and ad management.

🔸 wpDiscuz Embeds: Embed content from various providers, including video, social networks, audio, and photos, directly within comments.

🔸 wpDiscuz Syntax Highlighter: Enhance code-related discussions with syntax highlighting, automatic language detection, and multi-language code highlighting in comments.

The wpDiscuz Addons Basic Bundle empowers you to create an engaging and interactive commenting system that enhances user interaction and builds a thriving community. Whether you manage a blog, news site, or any content-driven platform, this addon bundle is your key to fostering valuable discussions and improving user engagement. Elevate your WordPress commenting experience with the wpDiscuz Addons Basic Bundle today!

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We offer accessible documentation but no license keys or product support. For automatic updates and author support, consider purchasing from gVectors directly.

This product comes with access to one year of file updates that can be easily managed through your WP Admin Dashboard. To download the updated file, simply access your account area. You have the flexibility to manually install the updates within the provided timeframe, ensuring that your files remain up to date.

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