The End of YITH

It seems that today, YITH has decided to permanently close the famous YITH club to new customers from January 31, 2021. You can refer to their site for more information as to their reasoning.

This will make it more difficult for me to continue to keep their plugins up to date as I’m now forced to purchase plugins individually. Although they have been gradually coming to this point; I used to have access to all of their files with one large payment – then in 2019 they downgraded that program to15 products of choice per subscription. This made it so I had to create multiple accounts to fund the products you guys needed; then in September of 2020 several of those accounts got banned; I did my best.

Just know that I will continue to do my best in terms of purchasing files separately to continue to support the WordPress development community – I just ask for your patience in regards to the updates.

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