Modern Events Calendar – BuddyBoss Integration Addon


This is an integration with BuddyBoss, to provide and help you with options to assign events to groups with each group being able to have its own events. Members of the group can submit events in post them into the groups which they are members of.

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Modern Events Calendar – BuddyBoss Integration Addon

Create Event In Profile

Create events with FES form in your users’ profiles

Access To All Events

Easily access all your events that are in the profile

Setup Event For Groups

Create events on the level of BuddyBoss groups

Manage Events For Groups

Manage who can create, edit, or delete events

View All Reservations

You can see all your reservations in the profile

Assign Events To Groups

Easily assign your events to any one group

How To Make Money

Through Stripe and Organizer payment feature in MEC

Control Event Menu In Customizer

Current event tab in user profile can be controlled in Customizer


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Modern Events Calendar – BuddyBoss Integration Addon