Permanent Pricing Restructure – Developer Defense – Premium YOAST SEO

Hi everyone – GREAT NEWS

As you may not already know, there are now a handful of sites that may or may not offer the same files and products that we at Theme Canal offer. Keep in mind; our goal is to ensure your pockets remain full as a freelance developer. With that said, we have now developed a Developer Defense Pricing Structure to not only remain competitive, but to help you as the freelance web developer you are.

Effective today, September 21st 2015; below is our new tiered pricing structure for your knowledge. We hope you enjoy:

  • Tier D: Anything originally priced $10-$100 will be only $5
  • Tier C: Anything originally priced $101-190 will be only $8
  • Tier B: Anything originally priced $191-240 will be only $10
  • Tier A: Anything originally priced $241+ will be only $15
  • Premium Tier A+: This tier is excluded from the new Permanent Pricing Restructure as it’s reserved for products exclusive to Theme Canal that no other sites offer such as WP All Import Pro (WP Import All-of-it), the premium YOAST SEO bundle, Advanced Custom Fields Pro and so-on. These files/products are considered non-competitive and pricing is based on it being so.
  • Monthly Theme Canal PressPass Membership: Reduced sign-up fee of $10 to $5
  • Yearly Theme Canal PressPass Membership: Reduced from $120 to only $60 per year
    • Note to Existing Yearly Subscribers: You have been sent a separate email via. PayPal regarding this change of reduction to $60/year going forward. No changes are required on your part.

With that said, lets get to some more good stuff…




Existing Theme Canal PressPass™ subscribers: You may download these files from the downloads area on your Account page.

New Visitors: Get a PressPass™ and get every extension, theme and plugin in our catalog with updates included from just $15/per month and the freedom to cancel whenever you want. Take a look at everything that’s included!

By becoming a member, you assist us in funding not only updates, but the addition of new products to our catalog.

Contact us immediately if:

  • we’ve missed any updates for product(s) you’ve purchased/plan to purchase
  • you encounter any issues with your downloads

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