New: WooCommerce Sale Flash Pro, Email Customizer + More

We’ve added a few new products to our catalog due to high-demand!

  • WooCommerce Products Compare
    • WooCommerce Products Compare will allow your potential customers to easily compare products within your store.
  • WooCommerce Email Customizer
    • Say goodbye to boring, same-same emails with this neat extension, that lets you visually modify email templates via the built in WordPress Customizer. Not taking the opportunity to connect with your customers with each email you send them? Missing a beat.
  • WooCommerce PickingPal
    • A hassle-free order fulfilment utility, directly within WooCommerce.
  • WooCommerce Sale Flash Pro
    • Further incentivise sales at your store by displaying a % or total discount on product archive and details pages.
  • WooCommerce Mix ‘n Match Products
    • Create a ‘container’ product so customers can combine products and create variations. Conveniently this encourages buying more (even bulk) without tying customers’ hands about which items to take. Think pick-a-mix sweets or mixed cases of wine. Gift of choice? People love it.
  • WooCommerce jPlayer product sampler
    • Allow customers to preview music and video files

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