How to: Remove WooThemes and/or IgniteWoo Updater Plugin Notice

If you’ve installed any WooCommerce plugins or themes by WooThemes (or any IgniteWoo product) that didn’t come with the automatic updates you get from WooThemes, you’ve likely seen this annoying little notification urging you to get the WooTheme Updater plugin so you can receive automatic updates.

woothemes updater

Here we show you how to remove it.

If there’s one thing that ticks me us it’s plugins that add notices to your WordPress admin area that cannot be dismissed.

WooThemes and IgniteWoo do it with a lot of their extensions including WooCommerce essentially advertising their updater plugin.

To remove WooThemes and IgniteWoo update plugin notices, add the following code to your theme’s functions.php file:

//Remove WooThemes Updater
remove_action('admin_notices', 'woothemes_updater_notice');
//Remove IgniteWoo Updater
remove_action('admin_notices', 'ignitewoo_updater_notice');

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