Download Issues + Updates for 2017-05-30

Download Issues:

We have flagged a minor set of download issues with some of our files and we’d like to say that we are extremely sorry for the inconvenience this has caused some of our clients and members. Rest assured, know that if you have any problems accessing your files that you have purchase and/or should have access to, we will respond ASAP with the fix. As we handle so many files, it may be difficult to find each one on our own and would appreciate you reaching out to us!

Extension Updates:

Plugin Updates:

Theme Updates:

Existing Theme Canal PressPass™ subscribers: You may download these files from the downloads area on your Account page.

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By becoming a member, you assist us in funding not only updates, but the addition of new products to our catalog.

Contact us immediately if:

  • we’ve missed any updates for product(s) you’ve purchased/plan to purchase
  • you encounter any issues with your downloads

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