Updates for 10-26-2018

WooCommerce Extension Updates: WooCommerce Product Add Ons Version 3.0.0, Released on 2018-10-23 WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing Version 3.1.10, Released on 2018-10-23 WooCommerce Tabs Manager Version 1.9.2, Released on 2018-10-24 WooCommerce Product Documents Version 1.8.3, Released on 2018-10-23 WooCommerce GravityForms Product Add Ons Version 3.3.6, Released on 2018-10-23 WooCommerce Local Pickup Plus Shipping Version 2.3.16, Released on … Read more

Updates for 06-05-2018

WordPress SEO Premium Version 7.5.3, Released on 2018-05-31 Video Version 7.5, Released on 2018-06-05 Local Version 7.5, Released on 2018-06-05 News Version 7.5, Released on 2018-06-05 WooCommerce SEO Version 7.5, Released on 2018-06-05 WooCommerce Groups Plugin Version 1.12.2, Released on 2018-05-28 WooCommerce Customer Order CSV Import Version 3.5.4, Released on 2018-05-29 WooCommerce Subscriptions Version 2.2.21, … Read more

Additional Updates for 2017-11-06

Hi folks, we have more updates to share with you today. WooCommerce Extension Updates: WooCommerce Customer Order CSV Export Version 4.4.0, Released on 2017-11-01 WooCommerce Product Bundles Version 5.5.3, Released on 2017-10-31 WooCommerce Subscriptions Version 2.2.14, Released on 2017-11-01 WooCommerce Local Pickup Plus Shipping Version 2.3.1, Released on 2017-11-01 WooCommerce Twilio SMS Notifications Version 1.9.1, … Read more

Updates for 2017-08-20

Hi everyone – we have many updates t hat have rolled out for us. WooCommerce Extension Updates: WooCommerce Australia Post Shipping Version 2.4.4, Released on 2017-08-07 WooCommerce Follow Up Emails Version 4.5.0, Released on 2017-08-07 WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator Version 3.12.3, Released on 2017-08-03 WooCommerce Waitlist Version 1.5.7, Released on 2017-08-07 WooCommerce One Page Checkout … Read more

New File + Updates for 2017-08-07

Hi everyone. We have a great new addition as well as some updates that have come out. Newly Added: WPWeb WooCommerce Social Login – WordPress Plugin WooCommerce Social Login extension allows users to login and checkout with social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Windows Live, VKontakte (VK.com), Instagram, PayPal, Amazon. Plugin Updates: … Read more

New File + Plenty of Updates for 2017-07-30

Like the title states, we have a new file added to the family with a good amount of updates ready. New File(s): Ninja Popups for WordPress The most powerful popup system on the market. Theme Updates: Salient – Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme 8.0.16 Jul 15, 2017 Bridge – Creative Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme 11.1 – JUNE 20TH, … Read more

3 New Additions + WooCommerce and WordPress Plugin Updates

Hi everyone. We have added 3 new products to our catalog along with a good amount of updates. Newly Added: uDesign – Responsive WordPress Theme U-Design is a powerful and user friendly theme. It could be used by people with no programming experience as well as advanced developers. You can build your site quickly, with confidence … Read more

Plugin, Extension + Theme Updates for 2017-06-15

Hey there folks, another week of updates are now available. WooCommerce Extension Updates: WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing Version 3.0.9, Released on 2017-06-08 WooCommerce Product Bundles Version 5.3.1, Released on 2017-06-06 WooCommerce Canada Post Version 2.5.3, Released on 2017-06-05 WooCommerce Square Payment Gateway 1.0.19, Released on 2017-06-06 WooCommerce Groups Plugin Version 1.11.3, Released on 2017-06-13 WooCommerce Measurement … Read more