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Back on December 26th we announced the changes we were making to our membership plans structure. Said changes are now in effect. See below for the announced changes:

The following changes to our Theme Canal Pro Memberships will take effect as of January 12th, 2022:

  • Monthly Membership: 15 Downloads a day
  • 6 Month (Semi-Annual) Membership: 15 Downloads a day
  • Yearly Membership: 20 Downloads a day
  • Lifetime Membership: 25 Downloads a day
  • *NEW*Developer Monthly Membership: Unlimited Downloads

Existing Pro Members:

  • pricing will not be affected until your current plan is canceled or expired.
  • daily download limits for your grandfathered plan will be set to 20 downloads per day.

Important additional information:

Same product downloads won’t be counted in the daily download limit. For example, if you have downloaded “Product XXX” 3 times in a day, it will counted as one.
You can check your daily credit limits in your My Account > My Pro Membership Subscription.

A typical user should not require more than 15-25 files a day. For those who do; we now have the new Developer Monthly Plan. If you wish to cancel your Pro Membership due to these changes; you may do so by visiting My Account > My Pro Membership Subscription, and clicking on your active Subscription.

Recently we've noticed many of our clients contacting us stating their downloads are failing to open or upload, damaged or corrupted.

We may have found a solution to this - however; If you experience this please open a support ticket with us ASAP as we are actively looking to resolve the issue and for some reason we are unable to replicate it.

We value your time and business while extremely appreciating your patience on this matter.

Recently we have seen plenty of new websites who are leeching and selling WordPress plugins and themes for as low as $10 with unlimited downloads per month, or even $99 for lifetime.

Please beware from such websites, as we have found that many of them are planting backdoors and malware in their plugins and themes to steal data.

You may lose your money, as well as end up with backdoors and malware in your (or your clients websites). Stay safe and please download only from trusted sources.

Finally, YITH product updates has become impossible for us (or any other GPL website), due to their restricted membership plan and strict account banning policies. Now we do have access to only 4-5 products from YITH store, as they have disabled majority of our accounts. In addition, YITH has discontinued their club membership. We suggest our customers to shift to Woocommerce.com plugins rather than YITH plugins.

If you are seeing any YITH update on other website, please do check it carefully before using, as plenty of the websites are faking the versions.

Rest assured, if we do get access to any YITH update in future, we will surely update them in our store.

Some users are NOT able to login to their account. Please clear your browsers cache and cookies to solve the issue.

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