You can now RECEIVE EMAIL UPDATE NOTIFICATIONS of file version updates, for all of your favorite products!

Important Notes:

  1. This function will appear for logged-in users only
  2. The previous favorites system has been depreciated/scrapped and lists have been purged, meaning you will have to re-favorite the products you’d like to receive notifications for.

How to:

Add to Favorites:

Click “ADD TO FAVORITES / GET EMAIL UPDATE NOTIFICATIONS” on the product you’d like to favorite.


Unsubscribe from Email Updates but Keep within Favorites / Remove from Favorites:

When visiting your “My Favorites” page:

  • you can either completely remove a product from favorites by using the “Bulk Actions -> Delete” function;
  • keep the product in your favorites and just unsubscribe from email updates by clicking “UNSUBSCRIBE FROM EMAIL UPDATES” under Actions.
  • you may also resubscribe to email updates for different favorites in your list using “GET EMAIL UPDATE NOTIFICATIONS“.

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